New Photo Website

So I've been kind of quiet this past week, and that's because I've been working on a new project. (And cause my life got hella crazy for a sec, but that's a different story.)

Long story short: is alive and beautiful!

Long story long:
The most compliments that I hear about the blog are in regards to the photography. Which I really appreciate because I always try to make the photos look as beautiful as possible, and that they complement the food and highlight the theme.

In order to showcase my photos, I decided to take the leap to a new platform. Blogger has been good to me, but the images and pages are never as dynamic as I'd like. So I have a new site up! You can access it through the Photography tab above (or on this post).

The recipes will all still remain here, but with fewer photos than usual, to make them easier to read. For more photographs or to more easily peruse the different bakes, check out the new site.

Sorry for any confusion this might cause! I'm still going to be posting on WHB regularly, the new site will be more of a static gallery/ portfolio/ big-girl site. If you love food porn, I highly recommend it. Thanks for sticking around through all the craziness.

Happy baking!


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