Thai, Crepes, and Eggplant Galore

This one, I've been stalling to write. It's gonna be long. Because Paris has always been this mysterious and wonderful dream city for me. So when I was studying abroad in England, and we had a single free weekend to travel, there was no question in my mind where I was going. From Julia Child's My Life in France, to Rachel Khoo's adventures in her tiny kitchen, to my straight up obsession with croissants, Paris has held a magic for me. Stereotypical, maybe (probably), but I really don't care.
 I was worried that it wouldn't be what I expected, that it would lose some of the magic with the stark reality of it. After all, any big city in the world is going to be smelly, tourist-y, and expensive, with a native population usually ready to bite you're head off.
So I was surprised and astounded that Paris was what I'd pictured. There was an energy in the summer nights and hot days, and the buildings, parks, churches, and markets were simply beautiful. Even the Parisiens were kind to us American tourists.
And the food. I can't stress enough about how much I loved the food. Everything I tried was superb, and I wasn't going to any fancy restaurants and patisseries.
Napoleon's Apartment in the Lourve

After a brief four hour trip to the Louvre, where I became slightly manic with the Mona Lisa, my group found a Thai restaurant for lunch. It was fresh, delicious, and filling.

This was by far one of my favorite things I've seen in Paris. Actually, it may be one of the most beautiful things I've seen in the world. This is the Sainte-Chapelle, a chapel within the Palais de la Cite. Even under construction, the stained glass was stunning.

Crepes and hazelnut paste. 
Then we found another church! But the line to get in was insane. 

Bite-size appetizers I did not order. I remember it was delicious, but that is all.
A Pork Chop and Eggplant Three Ways
A modern twist on the Mille-Fueille. 
Bon nuit Paris!


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