Sugar Freak

Sugar Freak. An Astoria brunch hot-spot that's all about Louisana. The food, the decor, the food. Everything from the eggs, to the Johnnie cakes, to the beer-can chicken was infused with the spicy and sweet flavors of the south. So most things are fried, smothered, or hot red.

I dig it.

I had the chicken and waffles (above) with a spicey-honey sauce. The waffles were thicker than the norm, almost a cornbread consistency. They also plop a whole bottle of syrup onto the table. 

My darling friend got the Sugar Freak take on the breakfast platter. Biscuits, gravy, and grits? I was a little jealous. I had a lot of grits in Virginia, and I miss seeing them on the menu. 

Also pro tip: Get the praline bacon. Trust me.

Things I need to go back for:
Grits (they have eight kinds!)
The motherlovin' Mac 'n Cheese
Po' Boys, all the Po' Boys

One of my favorite things about schlepping to Queens is the proximity/price ratio. The farther you get from Manhattan, the cheaper the drinks. So with $4 mimosas, $5 Bloody Marys and $15 bottomless Sugar Freak is great not just for the food.

But the food's pretty damn good.


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