Hey ya'll.

So it's been 4 months today since I've posted anything. That's the longest that I've ever gone without writing anything on the 'ole blog. I've still been baking, but just haven't posted anything. I'd been deprived of the three key elements of food styling:
1. Good, natural lighting
2. A decent oven
3. Lots of time and energy

During the winter months, I was particularly deprived of the third. And it was tough and depressing as hell to neglect WHB. I'm not one to share a whole lot on here, but the past few months have been pretty tough. This year I graduated from university and moved to a new city. Job hunting is one of those tough phases everyone goes through from time to time, but it quickly became a rut I couldn't get myself out of, even with a job. It's been a year filled with high hopes and the low lows and tiny existential crises. And through all of it, I've still been baking (and eating of course.)

I also got lost in trying to make the blog perfect. There's a lot of food media out there. Almost too much, and it often feels like you're shouting into a void, ya know, but with cake. Instead of focusing on making the bakes taste as amazing as possible, I was all bothered with how they looked, how many likes they got, what content was being shared. Or I'd get discouraged when it didn't come out the way I'd imagined. But that's life right? Sometimes it's weird how baking can teach you so many damn life lessons. Just because things don't work out, doesn't mean you shouldn't gobble it up, or chuck it and try again. Ok... that might only apply to baking. Sometimes I'm not sure what motivates me more, the treats at the end or the hours spent focusing on a single thing. Maybe it's a mix of both?

Here are some bakes I made (if you're interested)!

Coconut fried chicken and biscuits with carrot slaw (and a side of succulents).

Zeppole and chocolate dipping sauce!

Home-made muesli, anyone?

Vanilla Cake and Milk Chocolate Frosting with Raspberry
Hopefully more to come!
Happy baking!


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