Parm's Meatball Sub

This is a treat yo' self sandwich. 
I work in an area wth some damn delicious food. So when I realized I was so close to Parm,  a retro Italian deli, it went straight to the top of the list of things I'd have to try.

This meatball parm sub is no joke. The meatballs were loosely textured to give them that hand-made quality. They were also tender and freakin' huge. The fresh basil leaves added a sharpness to the usual sweet tomato sauce and mozzarella. I think the only downside of this sub was the price ($15), and the huge mess I made at my desk. This is not a sandwich for nibblers. This does not provide a light lunch. You gotta be committed. This is a meatball sub Joey would take a bullet for. 


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