Sandwich Loaf, An Attempt

No, it's not focaccia. 
After traveling home for the holidays, I finally arrived back to my apartment. I thought a nice, easy white sandwhich loaf would be something perfect to warm up the house. My first apartment bake of 2016!

Bread is a tricky thing.

I wanted to make a simple bloomer loaf from Sorted Foods, which they made for their amazing grilled cheese recipe. Looked easy enough, and I didn't have to worry about kneading incorrectly because I just popped it into the stand mixer.

Look at it, so ready to grow.

But after the first proofing hour, the dough had barely doubled. It was pretty chilly in the apartment, so I figured I'd wait. After another hour; nothing. Alright, well we'll see. I formed it and stuck it in a pan and waited another hour.


Alright maybe the oven will puff it up?

What it should look like:

What mine looked like:

Yeah something was defintiely wrong.

The crumb structure was soft and spongey, but it lacked a lot of height. Plus the smell and texture was all off; it just felt over-proved.

Apparently yeast has an expiration date, kids. Even in the fridge. I'm going to blame it on that. I'll try this recipe again, cause I super duper love the idea of home-baked grilled cheese, and the Sorted team seems to know their stuff. With baking, there's a million things that could go wrong.

Ah well, can't win 'em all.

Happy baking!


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