Ham and Gruyere Sandwich w/ Butternut Squash and Hazelnut Soup

There's a Dean & Deluca down the street from my office.
It's soup season.
You get where this is going.

Since the first hint of fall weather blew in, the line at the D&D soup counter has grown exponentially. And for good reason. All of the soups are really delicious. Yummy enough to convert this girl, who had a very lukewarm opinion of soup in general, onto team liquid.
Well, maybe not entirely. Because I still want a half sandwich to pair. What is coffee without the humble donut?

And this lovely butternut squash soup is filling and meat free. I dig it! Definitely one of my favorites. Although, the ham and gruyere had a sweet onion spread nestled in between its pretzel buns. I usually like the classical combo more savory/mustardy, but it was still a good quality sammy.

D&D is pricey, so I wouldn't get this everyday. But then again, everything is pricey around here, so I'd suggest bringing the sandwich from home, and spending a bit on the soup.


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