New York & Shake Shack Burgers

A quick trip across the Brooklyn Bridge landed my roommates and I in the spot of green that is Brooklyn Bridge Park. After the long walk, a bit of spontaneous Shakespeare, and 45+ photographs, we were pretty hungry. Savvy tourists and locals alike flock around the base of the bridge for some of New York's best pizza at Grimauldi's.
So where did we hit up for grub?

Shake Shack, of course.

With a wait time of a whopping 15 minutes, over the estimated 2-hours for NO SLICE, CASH ONLY pizza, those patties and crinkle-cut fries looked pretty damn good. Plus the view was hard to beat.


When we think of food, we often consider the calories or ingredients or bake or type, and yeah that's what it is I guess, but what makes for good eating, is often comprised of so much more than the food. It's time and place and people and love. That's why we like it yeah? That's why I do.


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