A Bookish Direction

I had so much fun in February baking things inspired by literature, and there were so many books I had to miss in a month, that I'm just gonna keep on doing it. Cause I'm the boss right?

So the blog's changed a little now. I'll be dedicating each bake to a novel, poem, or author. You can search recipes based on the baked good you're looking for, or see what I make for each book in the library.


To be clear: I probably won't make food that looks anything like books- No Hunger Game symbols, or The Great Gatsby-cover blue, or little Jane Austen cupcakes. I'm getting on my baking high horse here, and trying to capture the soul or theme of a book within the bake. Or I like making food that is mentioned specifically, or appropriate for the period or place.

Happy baking!


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