Merida's Punch

This cocktail is actually named after Merida from Disney's Brave, random as that sounds. Every year my synchronized swimming team has a theme for our routine (last year, we proudly swam to music from Harry Potter). To get pumped for hearing the songs over and over and over again, we all throw a party and watch the movie or TV show the music is from. So this year, we're swimming to Disney's Brave. Many people hadn't seen it before, so it was really fun to watch it together. And it was a party after all, so my teammates and I researched some Brave themed drinks, and this one was my favorite. Super bright and cheery, this drink always makes me think of summer. You get the herbiness of the rosemary and sweetness of the grenadine. Delightful!


2 ounces Scotch whiskey
6 ounces Ginger Ale
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 ounce grenadine
Sprig of rosemary

To make:

Place ice, whiskey, ginger ale, and lemon juice in a large glass.
Stir with a long spoon or straw.
Add grenadine on top, and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Happy sipping!


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