Holiday Magazine Guide

This time of year, the magazine rack can get a little overwhelming, with all the food (and not so much food) magazines pushing all the holiday goodies to bake. I took the liberty of exploring some of the options, to parson out the best in any variety you might be looking for this holiday season.

Bon Appetit Holiday Special

For the cool holiday Party
More style than quantity, this one has great sections on party ideas, tips for handling stress relief, and beautiful decorations ideas for a hipster Christmas. Not quite as many recipes though, with cool, very specific ideas like a section on Norwegian Christmas ideas. Great beautiful pictures, but a little more about stylistic articles than a collection of recipes like some of the other holiday specials on the list.

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Cookies

For the all those cookies.
 This magazine holiday special is separated by different categories of cookies, clearly they mean business. This ones completely chock full of recipes, and it also has some really innovative ideas, including food gifts and holiday decorating. Oddly enough there is an entire section on thanksgiving, which is great, but not so much this late in the season. If all you want to bake this Christmas is cookies, this is definitely a good one to pick up.

Fine Cooking Holiday Baking

For the step-by-step baker.
This is a great guide to a wide variety of sweet recipes; including cakes, puddings, and sweet rolls. The magazine is clearly marked, with many beautiful photographs for the different steps of each recipe. I think this is the best overall baking magazine, especially if you just want ideas and recipes for the holiday season, and the extra photographs are a big help for the special techniques! 

Martha Stewart Living

To help make your house look amazing.
Martha Stewart is queen of home decorations. And while there are some scrumptious recipes in here, the best parts are definitely the different tips on how to make your house look like the inside of a snow globe. There are also so great crafty ideas on wreaths (like the one on the cover) but if you want recipes specifically, this may not be the magazine for you.

Cuisine Holiday Baking Double Issue

Ideas for your holiday dinner.
This one had a lot of good dies for baking your Christmas dinner, including vegetarian options. There are also so good artisanal food gift ideas for the chef in your life. Because it is Cooking Light after all, you can find a lot of recipes and ideas that'll cut back on calories and fat. The holidays maybe a time to indulge, but fresh veggie sides are always a good idea, right? And bonus: flipping the magazine over you'll find a great little collection of cookies to try. 

Taste of Home, Holiday Baking

The one with the trifle.
Taste of Home produces many different holiday baking magazines, which I'm going to assume is why this one (the basic baking one on the wrack) was lacking a little. It has many different kinds of recipes, but the photography was not nearly as appealing, with many of the cakes and pies looking like wax. There is however a good traditional trifle recipe (one of the few I could find).


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