Martha Stewart's Cookies

Ok, so I'm not exactly a Martha fan. But I'm loving her baking books. Her Pies & Tarts has already been a staple in my cookbook line-up for years, but ever since I received this book devoted to biscotti, bars, russes, tuilles, macaroons, and snaps, I can't stop going back to it.
What I like most about the book is how it's organized.
Each section is dedicated to a specific quality of cookies. So instead of being ordered by flavor or holiday, the recipes are divided into sections such as "light and delicate", "crumbly and sandy", "cakey and tender". This is so important, because so much of what goes into great cookies, from how to make them, to how to serve them, is determined by texture.
Martha knows. Martha understands!

And of the recipes I've tried from it, Milk Chocolate Cookies, Cocoa Shortbread Hearts, and Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti, (I might just have a thing for chocolate, ok?) they've all turned out great.
Am I recommending this? Yes, I'm recommending this.


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