West Cornwall Pasties

Ah, the pasty.
These little beauties are another treat I had one afternoon in Cambridge. Among the many store windows in town, there was always a particularly delicious aroma wafting from this small shop, called the West Cornwall Pasty Company. Along the window sat rows of all different kinds of mouth-watering, golden triangles.
So what exactly is a pasty? It's hard to describe. In fact, there was so much contention on this issue within our party that people were breaking out into arguments about it. A pasty is a baked pastry with beef, potatoes, vegetables (usually onion and turnips), and gravy, all nestled in a golden, flakey crust. They hail from Cornwall, and they actually have a PGI status in Europe, a Protected Geographical Indication, which means official pasties can only be made in England. The closest equivalent I could think of in America is a pot pie crossed with a hot pocket, only much, much better. The WCPC had all kinds of versions of the pasty; from the classic beef, to a Mediterranean version (which I had), to ham and cheese. They make a scrumptious snack or lunch, and I can see how they'd warm you right up on dreary winter days.
Living in Cambridge in July makes you forget that most of students spend term in chillier, darker months. It would be such a different experience in fall and winter!


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