Sticky Beaks Cafe

Recently instead of food, I've been writing about my trip to England to study in Cambridge.
Alright, so we did have to get some school work done once and a while. The summer courses were all very condensed, so my Lit classes required a pretty substantial amount of reading of novels, essays, and poetry. There was a small library in Christ's College, but sometimes I really needed to get out and find a good spot to study. One of my favorite places was a little cafe right by Christ's, called Sticky Beaks. It was run by a two beautiful vintage-aproned women, with teal Kitchen-aid's resting by the huge stove, and fresh flowers on the tables. There were stands of simple cakes and pastries that were made on-site, plus they offered salads, parfaits, and quiches for lunch. If you stuck around for the lunch or dinner rush, the entire place would be overtaken with the delicious garlicky-spicy smell of stir-fry.
Arugula, Orange, and Mozzarella salad
Simple Chocolate Cake

Yummy Yogurt Granola Parfait
Unfortunately, Sticky Beaks lacked in two things: AC and price. Like most places in Cambridge/England, air conditioning was pretty unnecessary for 90% of the year, and I just happened to be there for the other 10%. So it got pretty stuffy in the little cafe, but by the end of the summer I was getting pretty used to it. And as far as price, it really wasn't that bad, but when you pay two pounds for a cup of coffee*, that's a pretty pricey cup when you think about it. It was a bummer, but unavoidable.
One of the things I really liked about cafes in England, is the expectation of eating in. The "to-go" mentality is not impulsive. When you order, the barista will ask you where you'll be seated so they can bring you your coffee in a cup and saucer, and bring out your food on a plate. These things occur so naturally, they must think we're weird to be surprised by it. As someone who spends half her life working in cafes, I really appreciated it!
*A note on Coffee: It's a really American thing. The "drip" coffee" that I love doesn't really exist in Europe. The closest equivalent is an Americano.


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