The First Day in Cambridge: Pub Grub

Christ's College First Court.
After a long day of traveling, I arrived at Christ's College hungry, sleep-deprived, and jittery from adrenaline and coffee. But I was in Cambridge! I was in another country! I was going to pass out any second! But no, no I had to fight the sleep.
To avoid passing out, I busily unpacked all my things while eating the bagged lunch that was graciously given to us William and Mary kids.
This simple sack lunch was itself a curiosity: an egg and watercress sandwich, Walkers crisps in Cheese and Onion flavor, and a Chocolate Chip Flapjack? What the hell's a flapjack? (Delicious.) Even the Kit-Kat tasted slightly different.
 I would later come to know these foods very well, as they were served to us on the various bus trips we took while in England, and it was the first time I really appreciated the vegetarian options offered.
I spent the afternoon unpacking, greeting the other excited girls in my dorm, and taking a short walk through the streets of Cambridge. Once the day started tilting towards evening, the lot of us gathered together to find a Classic English Pub for dinner.
It was a struggle.
Partly because everyone hadn't slept in 36 hours. Partly because no one knew where they were going. We wondered around the beautiful medieval streets in a huge group before splitting up to avoid swarming any one place. After a while, some of us stumbled upon a little pub called The Maypole, which I sadly didn't get a picture of.
In pubs, you order and pay at the bar, so after I quickly scanned the menu, I ordered my pie and took a seat with a pint. The British are known for their delicious savory pies, so I was excited to try one as my first big meal in the UK.
My pie was stuffed with goat cheese and sweet potato, served with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and parsnips, and all smothered in gravy:
Needless to say, I was in heaven. All of the food was hearty and fresh and unlike anything I'd had before. The pie was particularly unusual, with a tough outer edge unlike the weak, crumbly pot-pie crusts I was used to. It was filling and delicious and good lord I want one right now.
My first pint of beer in England! Please don't ask me what it was, I can't remember.  
After we all stuffed ourselves senseless, we turned in for the night, like, immediately. But even with the early end, it was a great first night in England.


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