Heathrow International: The Stroopwafel

This was to be my first extended stay in another country, and I was excited to have the time to try all the unique English classics. Crumpets, Victoria sponge, pork pies, custard tarts, bangers and mash. I was ready baby!
But first I had to get there. As a bit of a nervous flyer, I held a deep (metaphoric) breath for the entire seven hour flight. But everything went smoothly and safely, and I even got a solid 45 minutes of sleep.
I arrived in Heathrow exhilarated and in desperate need of coffee, since it was four in the morning on the East coast. At the airport coffee shop, I discovered my first delicacy, something nearly impossible to find in the States: the Caramel Waffle.
I rested it on my oversized heavy-ass suitcase.
A caramel waffle (also known by the hilariously wonderful name of a stroopwafel) is a layer of caramel nestled between two thin crisp wafers. Each is perfectly sized to rest on top of your cup of tea or coffee. You set the waffle on your mug, and the steam melts the caramel into warm, gooey perfection.
This nearly made up for the impending three hour bus ride awaiting me.
Oh yeah, I was liking England already. Any place that sells stroopwafels on the regular is a place I could live in forever. I would try to learn how to make these, but I think there is some magic in the mystery, don't you think? However I will be waiting not-so-anxiously for these to be sold in a Starbucks near me.


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