Grantchester: Tea in the Orchard

For our first weekend in Cambridge, our noble professors led all forty-something of us to a famous teashop, the Orchard Tea Gardens in Grantchester, made famous by the Rupert Brook poem, "The Old Vicarage, Grantchester".
It was a lovely cool and cloudy day in England, so we walked through the public meadows to get to Grantchester (took around 50 minutes).
The teashop itself was small; most of the seating consisted of lawn chairs scattered around the orchard. It was also full of local families and groups of friends enjoying their Sunday afternoon, in fact we were the most tourist-y people there. A terrific first tea experience!
"I only know that you may lie
Day long and watch the Cambridge sky,
And, flower-lulled in sleepy grass,
Hear the cool lapse of hours pass." -Robert Brooke
While ordering, I kind of got over-excited, and helped myself to a pot of Earl Grey, a scone* with strawberry jam, and a brie and cranberry sandwich (I didn't know this at the time, but it's a very common combination in England). It was great sitting in the orchard, sipping tea and chatting with everyone. And after all the food, I was grateful for the long walk back!

*A note on Scones:
English scones are soft, with a close and crumby texture, very similar to American biscuits**.

** A note on Biscuits:
English biscuits are dry and crumbly things, very similar to American cookies.

I know, none of it makes sense.


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