The Beauty of Boxed Mixes

There's something truly wonderful about snow days. With a fresh six inches of snow on the ground, I decided it was a good day to bunker down and bake. But because my family just got back from vacation, the house was a little low on food. So I scrounged up a banana bread mix. I modified it a little to be muffins, and added some walnuts from the freezer. Voila! Simple, quick and satisfying.

 A lot of people turn their noses up at boxed mixes, but there's nothing wrong with them. Unless you like taking your time and using all the pots and pans in the kitchen. Now a days, they are getting extremely fancy, with more gluten-free and organic options than ever. I like to think of boxed mixes as great bases, that you can then add your own spin on. It can be as obvious as adding chopped walnuts, but little things can make boring boxed mixes super yummy, and fast too! 


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