California Croissants

I recently got back from a trip to Los Angeles, CA. It was my first time in California, so I  expected great weather and fresh, delicious food. And it didn't disappoint. My entire family took the trip to see our school play in the Rose Bowl (we won!). While the restaurants we visited were awesome, the most delightful surprise for me was found at the hotel's humble breakfast buffet: the croissants.

Just, just look at that.
I have been searching for months for a crispy, flaky croissant with my coffee, and have thus far been terribly disappointed by Williamsburg (which, bafflingly, has some fairly delicious coffee shops). The croissants I found were floppy things that were the size of my face. I've been dying for the real deal ever since I saw this:
To put it in perspective, the closest thing I found was at Starbucks. Starbucks.

So when these buttery beauties were simply next to the muffins and breakfast sausage, I couldn't help but relish in the joy of finding a treasure I'd long since given up on. And yes, I was thoroughly teased for my enthusiasm.

Thank you California!


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