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Honey Apple Babka

This is a creation that was half request, half secret bucket-list-wish-fulfillment. My friend Mollie suggested I make something with apple and honey flavors in honor of Rosh Hashanna, the first day of the Jewish new year. Unfortunately, life caught up to me real quick last week, and I missed it and all the apple/honey goodness. But Yom Kippur begins tonight, and what better way to break fast than with a soft, yeasted bread brimming with apples and cinnamon?
While in New York, I'd seen (and eaten) way too many babkas when I worked at a popular Jewish bakery. So I was already familiar with the traditional sweet loaf. I was curious on how to make it, but had never dared try it. Until now!

This recipe is a variation of The Kitchn's Sticky Caramel-Pecan Babka, which looks utterly delicious. For my babka, I changed the fillings and third-ed the recipe (third-d? trecimated?) for a single loaf serving. Smaller recipes are a little less intimidating, I find. However this yeasted bread…

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